Process to Buy Digital Signature Online

Once the online DSC application is submitted and payment done, following are subsequent steps:

  • Step 1: Applicant will receive automatic email to complete next steps
  • Step 2: Open eMudhra / Capricorn portal and Fill in details of applicant's PAN Number
  • Step 3: Complete Mobile Number verification and video recording using smart phone, laptop, or camera attached to desktop
  • Step 4: No documents are needed for Individuals. For Companies & Class-3 DSC, Upload documents - Proof of ID / Proof of Address
  • Step 5: Download the DSC and save it on eToken. If you opted for download assitance, our customer care officers will assist you.
As a certifying authority, eMudhra / Capricorn ID will approve DSC within minutes for online applications during business hours. Separately, we dispatch USB eToken by courier in 1 working day.
Not at all. eMudhra / Capricorn ID provides you simple apps for your Android Phones. Just download them for video verification. We will help you after the payment is complete.
If you require assistance, we offer you help to download DSC. You may download it on your own as well - please follow instructions for the USB Token Installation here.
Digital Signature Certificate on USB Token carries your identity in PKI. Please take care to keep your DSC Safe. Read our guidelines to protect DSC.
Digital Signature

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