Digital Signature Price

Applicant TypeDSC TypeValidDSC Price
IndividualsClass-22 YearsRs. 799
IndividualsClass-23 YearsRs. 999
OrganisationsClass-31 YearRs. 1699
OrganisationsClass-32 YearsRs. 1999
OrganisationsClass-33 YearsRs. 2499
Organisations ComboClass-31 YearRs. 2099
Organisations ComboClass-32 YearsRs. 2699
Organisations ComboClass-33 YearsRs. 3299
Foreign CitizensClass-22 YearsAsk
Foreign CitizensClass-23 YearsAsk

GST 18% is applicable on above price.

USB Token Price

Token BrandCountPriceRemarks
ePass20031Rs. 399-
*Please confirm with TIA (Tender Inviting Authorities) that Class-2 for Individuals is accepted.