Digital Signature Price

eMudhra DSC
Applicant TypeDSC TypeValidDSC Price
IndividualClass-32 YearsRs. 900
IndividualClass-31 YearRs. 900
OrganisationClass-32 YearsRs. 1100
OrganisationClass-31 YearRs. 1100
EncryptionCombo-Rs. 600
ePass2003Token/Dongle-Rs. 290
OrganisationDGFT2 YearsRs. 2000
OrganisationDGFT1 YearRs. 2000

✔  Certifying Authority - Capricorn / eMudhra

✔  Full customer support included

✔  Paper-less Steps for All DSC

✔  GST 18% is applicable on above price.

DSC Price for Foreign Individuals / Foreign Companies

Applicant TypeDSC TypeValidDSC Price
Foreign IndividualClass-32 YearsUSD 75
Foreign IndividualClass-33 YearsUSD 75
Foreign CompanyClass-31 YearUSD 75
Foreign CompanyClass-32 YearsUSD 75
Foreign CompanyClass-33 YearsUSD 100
EncryptionCombo-USD 25

✔  Certifying Authority - Capricorn

✔  DSC can be used by Individuals or Business - Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLP, Company, Private Limited, Public Limited

✔  Paper-less process

✔  GST 18% is applicable on above price

✔  Free shipping for ePass2003Auto token

✔  Fixed price for encryption for all validity (1 to 3 years)

✔  *Encryption is available for Combo purchase along with Signature.

USB Token Price for Foreign Individual / Foreign Citizens

Token BrandCountPriceRemarks
ePass20031USD 35Free International Shipping by FedEx/DHL
Digital Signature

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