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Guard Your DSC Token Safely

Why is it important that custody of USB Token with DSC should only be with subscriber?

USB Token storing the DSC must be guarded securely by the subscriber. After the issuance of DSC to subscriber by CA, any signature created using the device and verifiable through this DSC is deemed as subscriber’s signature. Please do not let anyone else keep your DSC Token (including auditors).


  • Use the Digital Certificate only for Authorized and Legal purposes
  • Make sure you remember the Challenge Phrase password you gave while enrolling for your certificate. The Challenge Phrase is required for revoking your Digital Certificate
  • Generate Digital Certificate on cryptographic token
  • If you suspect your certificate has been tampered with or stolen, Revoke your Digital Certificate immediately using challenge phrase
  • Use difficult-to-guess passwords while initializing your USB Token and while enrolling for your Digital Certificate. Never leave the Digital Certificate password blank when your enroll for your Digital Certificate


  • Do not reveal your DSC password to anyone
  • Do not share your Digital Signature Certificate with anyone
  • Do not share your cryptographic token with anyone
  • Do not initialize your cryptographic token if it contain valid certificate
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