Class-3 DSC (Signature or Encryption Combo)

Price Details
DSC ₹ 1400
USB Token
GST ₹ 252
Total ₹ 1652

 How to buy Class-3 Digital Signature - New or Renewal?

  • Use this form to apply for Class-3 Digital Signature for Organizations
  • Choose validity of DSC: 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years
  • Choose the type of DSC required: Signature Only or Combo?
  • If you don't have USB token, choose "yes" and add a token to cart. For renewal, applicant may use existing token.
  • Make online payment to receive CA Portal Link
  • Fill GST and Company Type on CA Portal (Capricorn Certifying Authority)
  • Receive SMS OTP to complete mobile verification
  • Record 25 seconds of video using mobile phone or laptop
  • Upload copies of proof documents required. Refer here for list of documents.
  • After verification of documents, DSC is issued during business hours
  • Issuance of DSC is subject to approval by Certifying Authority (Capricorn ID)
  • Safely download and store the digital signature on USB eToken

 USB Token and Free Shipping

  • Applicant who paid for USB Token will receive the same by free shipping
  • USB token will be sent by courier on the first business day of payment.

 More Information

  • Use this page to apply class-3 DSC for Organizations. If class-3 DSC is needed for Individuals, please call us at 948-941-2222
  • Our applicants enjoy lowest class 3 digital signature price with free premium support.
  • During every renewal, all documents must be submitted again for verification. Choose validity period wisely as required.
  • Class-3 DSC is accepted for eTenders, Patent / Trademark registration, etc
  • Choose Combo option if applicant needs encryption key. Department Users may require Combo feature.
  • GSTIN can be added to invoice before DSC Approval. Provide GST details before video verification to claim GST Input.

Price Details

₹ 1400
USB Token
₹ 252
₹ 1652

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