Digital Signature (Business / Organization)

Price Details
Class-3 DSC : ₹ 1100
Encryption Combo
ePass Token
18% GST : ₹ 198
Total Price : ₹ 1298

 Digital Signature Brands

  • We sell eMudhra and Capricorn Digital Signature (Class-3). Both are licensed Certifying Authorities.
  • They are top leading brands in India and well known across business communities and government uses.
eMudhra DSC

 Signature Only or Encryption Combo

  • Applicant has option to buy Digital Signature Only, or also include encryption combo in additional to Signature.
  • If encryption is not required, applicant may choose to buy just the Signature Only.
  • To submit high value tenders on government portals, DSC may be required with encryption combo.
  • The add-on price for encryption is ₹ 600 for all years of validity.

 Documents to Upload

  • Paper-less steps is available to buy eMudhra DSC for Organisations.
  • The list of documents to upload is different for each business type - Company, LLP, Sole-Proprietor, etc.
  • Refer here for list of documents - Capricorn DSC / eMudhra DSC.

 Validity - 1 to 3 years

  • During the validity period, use DSC to sign digital documents any number of times.
  • Once expired, the Digital Signature cannot be used to sign any more documents.
  • For renewal, the applicant must buy another new Digital Signature again.

ePass2003 USB Token / Dongle

  • USB Crypto token/dongle is compulsory to store Digital Signature Certificate.
  • If you don't have USB crypto token/dongle, choose "yes" and add a token/dongle to cart.
  • For renewal, applicant may use existing token/dongle.
  • ePass2003 token/dongle can used to store 2 Digital Signature Certificates.
  • The price for ePass2003 token/dongle is ₹ 450 before GST.
  • Applicant who paid for ePass2003 will receive the token/dongle by free shipping via DTDC courier.

 Next Steps after Payment

  • After the completion of payment, applicant will receive an automatic email.
  • Complete e-KYC for Authorized Signatory and the employee (if they are different persons)
  • Upload supporting documents along with Photo of applicant
  • Record 25 seconds of video using mobile phone or laptop
  • For Organization DSC, the Certifying Authority will make a phone call to applicant/authorized signatory for verification.
  • After approval, applicant can safely download and store the digital signature on USB token/dongle.

 More Information

  • Use this page to apply class-3 DSC for Organizations. For help, please call us at 948-941-2222
  • Our applicants enjoy lowest class 3 digital signature price with free premium support.
  • During every renewal, all documents must be submitted again for verification. Choose validity period wisely as required.
  • Choose Combo option if applicant needs encryption key. Department Users may require Combo feature.
  • To incorporate GST # in the invoice for claiming input, please write to us after placing the order.

Price Details

Class-3 DSC
₹ 1100
Encryption Combo
ePass Token
18% GST
₹ 198
Total Price
₹ 1298

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