Class-2 DSC (Paper-less for Foreign Individual Person)

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USB Token
Total USD 40
DSC is approved same day during India business hours (Mon to Sat : 9am to 5:30pm IST)
Important Note Applicant must have access to email and mobile to receive OTP. Verification codes will be sent to email ID and mobile number.

 How to buy Digital Signature Online?

  • Fill foreign applicant details and choose validity period of Digital Signature.
  • Choose if you want to buy ePass2003 Token also. For renewal, existing USB crypto token can be re-used.
  • If the applicant is making Digital Signature for the first time, then buy an ePass2003 token also to store DSC.
  • After the payment, applicant will receive automatic E-Mail. Click the URL in e-mail upload documents on Certifying Authority website - Capricorn or e-Mudhra.
  • Applicant can sign any number of documents within the validity period. There is no limit on the number of signatures, as long as DSC is valid.

 What documents to upload?

  • Proof of Identity : scanned copy of Passport or OCI
  • Proof of Address: scanned copy of local government issued ID showing address, or OCI (last page with address), or bank statement, or any utility bill in the name of applicant issued within 3 months
  • Passport size Photo of the applicant in JPG / PNG format

 What's the DSC approval process?

  • Verify mobile number using OTP received on mobile phone
  • Use smart phone or laptop camera to complete video recording
  • During India business hours, the Certifying Authority will review documents and approve the issue of Digital Signature Certificate
  • Download the digital signature and save it on USB Crypto Token / ePass2003 Auto token.
  • For help, call customer care or use live chat assistance

 Uses of Class-2 Digital Signature in India

  • Class-2 DSC is widely used in India for multiple purposes. It can be used for GST, Income Tax, Import Export Code, Signing Invoices, portals of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), PDF Signing, and also a few Tender portals.
  • GST & Income Tax eFiling
  • MCA21 - Ministry of Corporate Affairs
    • Upload of eForms
    • Make Payments
    • Annual e-Filing
  • DIN - Director Identification Number
  • IEC - Import Export Code
  • Invoice Signing (Tally, or other accounting software)
  • Director eKYC
  • PDF Signing
  • and many more...

 USB Crypto Token - ePass2003 Auto

  • It is compulsory to have USB crypto token to store the Digital Signature.
  • DSC cannot be used without a USB crypto token.
  • Use existing crypto token or buy new ePass2003 token along with Digital Signature.
  • We sell ePass2003 USB token which can used to store more than one Digital Signature Certificate.
  • Applicant who pay for USB crypto token will receive the token delivery by free shipping.

Digital Signature is safe and can be used to sign electronic documents such as invoices and other PDF documents. Licensed CA issue DSC after verifying identity of the applicant.

Paper less process is available only for Class-2 DSC registration. There is no need to print any application form. There is no need to send any documents by post or courier.

Class-2 DSC comes with validity of 2 or 3 years. After expiry of the validity period, Certifying Authority must verify the identity again to renew the Digital Signature.

Applicant may choose to buy Class-2 Digital Signature along with encryption. Use live chat or please write to us or call us at +91-44-4856-6946

Price Details

USD 40
USB Token
USD 40

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