Class-3 DSC (Foreign Company)

Price Details
Class-3 DSC : USD 75
Encryption Combo
ePass2003 Token
Total : USD 75

 What is Class-3 Digital Signature?

Among all classes of DSC, Class-3 Digital Signature offers the highest security. Applicant has option to buy just the signature only, or along with encryption called as "Combo".

Business firms registered outside India need Class-3 Digital Signature to sign official Government documents such as tender submission or Indian Railways. Paper-less process is convenient with faster turnaround time.

To submit high value tenders on government portals, Class-3 DSC is required with encryption combo. If TIA require encryption, applicant must buy Combo : (1) Signature and (2) Encryption.

If encryption is not required, applicant may choose to buy just the Signature Only.

 How to get Class-3 DSC?

  • Fill the above application form with name of applicant and the foreign company
  • Choose validity period : 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years
  • Choose whether encryption is required or just the signature is sufficient
  • USB Crypto token is compulsory to store the digital signature certificate and key pairs. If you don't have USB crypto token, choose "yes" and add ePass2003 token to cart. For renewal, applicant may use existing USB crypto token.
  • After the completion of payment, applicant will receive an automatic email with CA Portal Link for next steps
  • Upload copies of proof documents required. Refer here for list of documents.
  • Record 25 seconds of video using mobile phone or laptop
  • Certifying Authority reviews the uploaded documents and issue the Digital Signature
  • Safely download and store the digital signature on USB eToken

 What is ePass2003 Auto USB Token?

  • Applicant need USB crypto token to download and store the Digital Signature.
  • Choose if you want to buy new token or use existing crypto token.
  • We sell ePass2003 Auto USB token. One token can used to store 2 Digital Signature Certificates.
  • Applicant who paid for USB Token will receive the same by free shipping.
  • USB token will be sent by courier on the first business day of payment.

 More Information

  • Use this page to apply class-3 DSC for Organizations. If class-3 DSC is needed for Individuals, please call us at +91-948-941-2222
  • Our applicants enjoy lowest class 3 digital signature price with free premium support.
  • During every renewal, all documents must be submitted again for verification. Choose validity period wisely as required.
  • Class-3 DSC is accepted for eTenders, Patent / Trademark registration, etc
  • Choose Combo option if applicant needs encryption key. Department Users may require Combo feature.

Price Details

Class-3 DSC
USD 75
Encryption Combo
ePass Token
USD 75

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