DSC Explained

What are the different classes of Digital Signature Certificates?

DSC is used to establish identity of a person through varying levels of checking.

  • Class 1: Validates email address of sender.
  • Class 2: Identity of a person is verified against a trusted and pre-verified database. Aadhaar OTP / video verification via smartphone apps are followed by eMudhra.
  • Class 3: This class offers highest level of trust among all DSC classes. Predominantly used by organizations for eTenders.

Which Classes of DSC can I apply in this website?

We sell both Class-2 & Class-3 DSC for Individuals and Business firms. Purchase DSC as per your need in a fast and safe manner. Your needs can be taxes filing, e-Tendering, signing official documents, banking login, etc.

We also provide best deals for DGFT and Document Signer requirements.

I do not know if I need to apply Class-2 or Class-3. Can you help?

Yes - please write to info@dscsignature.com and your friendly customer service will help you.

Who is the Certifying Authority of Digital Signatures?

We only sell DSC issued by Certifying Authorities licensed by Government of India (cca.gov.in).

Capricorn ID and eMudhra are our preferred Certifying Authorities.

Which type of DSC should I Buy? - Signature, Encryption, Or Combo?

It entirely depends on what purpose you are going to use the DSC.

  • Signature Only: If you choose this option during purchase, you can use DSC for digitally signing the documents. Popular usages include signing PDF documents for Tax Returns Filing, MCA, Legal Contracts, and many other websites.
  • Encryption Oly: Encryption is used to send classified / confidential information. If you choose to buy "Encryption Only", the DSC would be used to Encrypt a document. Encryption is popularly used in tender portal, to help your company encrypt the bid documents and upload.
  • Combo: You can use the DSC to both sign and also encrypt documents. This option includes Digital Signature and Encryption features.
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