DSC Installation | USB Token

Pre-Download Process

What you need for Download of Digital Signature Certificates?

  • USB Token - Subscribers must use either HyperPKI HYP2003 or WatchData ProxKey Tokens.
  • PC with Windows 2000 and above Operating System
  • Access to Internet
  • Challenge Code / OTP
I have trouble downloading DSC. Can your support team help me?

  • Yes - We can assist you to download the DSC onto USB Token

Token Driver Installation

The Token drivers are available to download and installation on Windows Laptops, Windows Desktop Computers, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and iMac.

Click on the Install button. Once you install the token drivers, restart your computer.

Recommended and Mandatory

After restarting the computer, plug-out and plug-in the USB token. Wait until the computer prompts you to change the password which should be Alpha-numeric (ex. secret123). The password you entered must be noted down and safeguarded carefully. Do not forget this password.

How to view certificate on the USB Token?

  • Plug in the USB crypto token to your computer
  • Open Token Manager ( Click Start -> HyperSecu Token Manager)
  • On the screen of Token Manager, Click on the "USB Token"
  • Click on the Certificate to view your certificate details
Digital Signature

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