Steps to enroll online and create KYC Account with eMudhra
An eKYC account will be created with this enrolment, valid for 2 years. This will help for future DSC applications, or performing eSign in any website.
  • Step 1: Go to URL eMudhra eKYC Enrolment
  • Step 2: Enter 'Mobile Number' registered with Aadhaar
  • Step 3: Enter Email ID of the applicant
  • Step 4: Enter PAN of applicant
  • Step 5: Enter desired user name and PIN - keep the credentials safe - as you could use them repeatedly for 2 years
  • Step 6: Upload Aadhaar XML and provide XML Share code - click here for steps to download Aadhaar XML
  • Step 7: Upon entering the captcha code, press “Verify eKYC details”
  • Step 8: Then a pop-up screen is displayed with the photo & details of the applicant - Press "Submit"
  • Step 9: Your eKYC Account is Provisioned. This is subject to video verification and final approval. Once approved, the eKYC account will be valid for 2 years.